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08 February 2009 @ 05:16 pm
We are no longer accepting new members.

The current project is now already underway, so any request to join the community submitted after the final sign ups will be rejected. Feel free to PM me, bipolarbliss, if you have any questions regarding this matter.
Members and mods, please lock your posts if you have not done so.
Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day~
10 January 2009 @ 10:51 pm
Hi everyone, this is Miyun, your new [phantom] mod speaking.

First of all, I apologize for the state of the previous post. It was slightly misleading and did not hit the points that were most important. I would like to move discussion here and clear up a few misunderstandings.

1. We are still aiming to print some form of the fanbook
If we do not print everyone's submissions, we're considering the option of an "online version", which is not simply a .zip pack, but if possible a full compilation website with perhaps a password or code only given in the bought fanbook. People expressed interest in FSTs, MADs, and other animated or musical contributions in a side-CD, and this would be the more practical place to do it along with the larger comics, art, and fic that did not make it into the main book. This will only go through if we have support, and we'll be asking for any volunteers to help with this in the future if it goes through, as I'm only capable of very simple coding.

2. Everyone will have some input in the printed version
We will have to limit contributions to the fanbook to some degree, but all of you will have at least a small section in which to express yourselves (either by drawing, etc) and pimp out your own personal sites as well as the links and instructions for buyers to get to the main fanbook website, most likely in black and white. Whether it is in the form of full, half or quarter page free-talks alongside other entries, or some way of putting everything into one place a la comiket circle cuts is still up for debate (and is highly dependent on how many people participate in the book itself). What is clear however, is that we cannot give 66+ people more than a few pages each, especially not in colour. We REALLY do not want to limit you in any way shape or form, which is why we were so loathe to impose page numbers or government subsidies on your creativity. If necessary, we will do it, but for doujinshi, less than 5 pages each (even when sharing) for a story is stifling and we want to encourage these sorts of submissions more than simple straight colour illustration. For the number of pages we can conceivably afford, we can't give 66 people more than 2 or 3 B/W only pages each, I think, and this makes things incredibly impractical in terms of content and doujin readability.

3. We do not want to alienate anyone
Anyone who still wants to sign up, and expressed interest in the project before signups were closed, please post here with a link to a previous comment. We are discussing whether or not to admit even more sign-ups depending on whether there is support for an online movement or not. Keep in mind if you did not sign up on the main post you may not get a place. we're already overpopulated.

If you would still like to leave the project after all of this, please let us know and leave the community. If you still want to buy the book, feel free to keep watching -- we'll post teasers and things here instead of on the main comm and keep in contact with non-participants.

I am not going to be around for the next 4-5 days due to my exam period (which I have taken an hour out of studying for in order to do this, which is why it's a little rushed; many apologies Dx), but I will be present and correct after the 15th to help the other two get things sorted as we're running a lot more members than we've previously expected for this fanbook project.

All in all, fire away now, guys. I hope this gives you a slightly clearer picture. I am sorry if I have missed anything.

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[edit 02] added a few more little details and clarifications